Marius Varlan

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My career

My career

I am a certified Fitness Level 3 personal trainer with over 10 years of experience coaching in Tokyo, London and Dubai. Strength training and Crossfit circuits using high intensity kick-boxing and MMA techniques are my favorite classes. Certified Judo black belt, Jiu-Jitsu black belt and BJJ black belt, I were also competing in cage in MMA matches. With a various sports background I'm using my experience and knowledge to ensure maximum clients results. I'm helping my clients ( adults or kids ) to lose body fat, to gain muscle but I'm also teaching them Self-defense strategies and techniques building clients self-confidence. Anyone can learn from me MMA, boxing, kick-boxing, muay-thai. I am not just a fitness and mixed martial artist with good results in competitions. For 8 years I were also security guard in Tokyo and London. Several times I did close protection for celebrities.

See some of my feedbacks

Saoud Khoory-Dubai

Testimonial: I have trained with many trainers locally and internationally and Marius is definately one of the very few talented people who ive learnt a lot from. He is dedicated to teaching the details of self defense and maintaining the balance of strength and conditioning. He is very flexible in his methods of training and taught me many techniques in Jiu Jitsu, MMA, boxing and strength and conditioning. I definately would recomend him to anyone looking to workout with a top PT. Regards, Saoud K

Mariah Alem - USA

Motivating, inspiring, and caring. You are a great trainer because you correct the mistakes kindly without making me feel bad. You say wise things that inspire me to do better. You are knowledgeable and experienced. My favorite thing about your personality is that you are very kind and warmhearted; you don’t get offended by the actions of others... overall it IS a great experience being your student. You are the best trainer I’ve ever had.

Francesca - Italy

I met Marius when I was 10weeks pregnant and I was desperate to stay fit for the whole pregnancy and get ready for the delivery. During all time we trained differently regarding the trimester and especially at the end, we focused on the exercises for the delivery. Marius is such a great personal trainer, really professional but also a great listener. Always available for advice, really patient and such an amazing human being.

Kevin McHugh - Canada

If you ever get the chance, seek out Marius Varlan and go train with him. I have had many teachers in my 38 years of training...and he is on top of my list of BEST teachers. Very hard to find people who give 100% from the heart and show all "secrets". If you spend 30 days with Marius it is like 3 years with anyone other teachers.I mean that. Mind, body, and soul is what he gives in his teaching.

Guillaume Larronde - France

Many people around me have used a personal coach so I have always been curious to try one for a short while to see real benefits and results. Working with Marius has been a blessing and a pleasure. In a month's time, I reached a new and amazing level of fitness, lost 3 Kgs while gaining muscle, eating, and being more healthy. Not only Marius is very qualified and knowledgeable but he is humble and fun. I have learned a lot and I am not intimidated by all the gym machines or afraid to hurt myself by doing wrong moves anymore. I also loved his consultative and creative approach. It was never about him telling me what to do. He was asking me how I was and building each workout around me (depending on when I trained last, my fatigue level, etc). Always different workouts so I was never bored and never in pain. I definitely recommend Marius, if you are serious about your health and fitness.

Olja Ovcarenko - Syria

Words can’t describe. The best personal trainer I’ve ever trained with. He takes care of every detail in the body and teaches you in the correct way your body should develop. The techniques he gives is amazing and unique.

Flavio - Brazil

I had the opportunity of being trained by couch Marius and it was a great experience. Besides of being a skilled jiu-jitsu and judo fighter, Marius has a unique talent for teaching what he knows. In his training sessions, he goes deep into the details of different and effective techniques and also explains the reasons why to apply them and the possible consequences of each movement in a simple, practical and understandable way. I am very happy with the results I achieved with coach Marius!

George Ionescu - Romania

I met Marius Varlan both in gym and in privat life and I can tell you is a great sensei and a great pal! Very powerful, very technical but also a very nice person! Osu!

Amit Roy - India

I’ m very happy to have a friend like you. Though you know I came to for personal training. But I found a good friend. As a trainer you are different than others. Your way of teaching is much advance. You have full knowledge to train someone. You pay attention to all the minute details. That makes you different. Thank you very much.

Cristi Alexandru - Romania

Mr. Marius has been my 12 years old son Luca's BJJ coach for 3 years. I am sure that, besides developing physical abilities, training with Marius has also developed his personality, defining his values and helping him to be a strong character. The real friendship that he founded was of great help to my son. Sensei Marius is not only a very good pedagogue but also a real instructor. As a coach, he is perfect for children. He is a true fighter but also a perfect gentleman.

George - Romania

Marius facilitates exercise and movement strategies and he implemented the exercise and movement components I needed as part of an interdisciplinary approach and a multimodal care plan (exercise, nutrition, cognitive-behavioral techniques, relaxation, breathing, improved sleep). Due to Marius’s constant empathy and discipline, doubled by his tremendous patience, I had the opportunity to slim down +25 kilos and I couldn't do that healthier than I did. In order to be able to succeed in Weight Loss the first rule is: Seek Help! and the first condition is to trust your adviser. The latter part is difficult to achieve (especially if your daily activity and work confers you a “status position” as being a teacher, professor, lawyer, medical doctor, engineer, computer geek, journalist, high-end executive, manager etc, 🙂 as you are supposed to know and maybe you know 😃 🙂 already a lot about health and all the routine- almost as a top notch professional. Therefore your trainer must gain your confidence and double your theoretical knowledge by his own and moreover by his practical experience and such the two “brains” to be a match in order to have the mind set for the goal. Well precisely here Marius performs perfectly. If you’re a fitness-theory enthusiast like I am and you wish to use the health-sector knowledge in a professional manner, choose Marius to train with. He will find out what defines you as an unique person in relation with training techniques and dieting and this is the very key to your progress. When you apply the latest nutrition advice found on the “Medicine and Science în Sport and Exercise” or the “ACSM Health and Fitness” Journals not because they are promoted by the health professional community, but also because your trainer applies it for many years now, then you will look at the efforts and results with satisfaction and confidence. This is what Marius will enhance about you.

Marco - Italy

I have been training with Mario for 2 years. I am extremely happy. He listens to your targets and tailors the training accordingly as he has multi-year experience on a variety of disciplines that he commands from A to Z He gives you honest and realistic targets along the timeline and, guys, if you want to get there, there are no shortcuts. Discipline, proper and correct work out, diet is what you must do. Do not listen to unscrupulous personal trainers promising unrealistic results with "easy" methods With Mario you combine refined technique with eye-of-the-tiger state of mind. I did not want a personal trainer focusing on my physique only, I also wanted a personal trainer focusing on my mind, motivation, determination, improvement and change of lifestyle approach, better work-life balance. In fact, Mario is a life coach too because of his firsthand life experience in many countries around the world and exposure to different life backgrounds. I enjoy working out with him also because of the all-embracing topics we discuss about. Mario has enhanced my life all-round: body, mind and feelings towards yourself and the world

Denis - Germany

I’ve been training with Marius now for a year. He has a great personality is committed and always puts his client first. Together with Marius I was able to achieve great results and most importantly long lasting results. Marius transfers his great knowledge and experience in each session, which makes each session different and exciting. Especially his passion and expertise in Jiu Jitsu, MMA and boxing makes each session special and fun at the same time. I learned a lot, not just only how to reform my body. I can only highly recommend Marius for everyone who is looking for a very professional Personal Trainer with a great personality and absolut focus on achieving goals! Regards Dennis

Ronan - Ireland

I have been training with Marius for nearly 4 years now and he has helped me achieve my fitness goals throughout that time. I train early in the morning consistently and Marius has never disappointed. Even when I had no access to a gym, he innovated great workouts based on his expertise in martial arts. Marius is a fun, dedicated and true expert in his field. He pushes you within your limits without risking injury. I would highly recommend Marius as he clearly considers to bespoke needs of his clients.

Neville - England

I am an older client of Marius. I have been using gyms and keeping fit all my life generally looking after myself. During the recent pandemic I contracted COVID and lost a lot of my energy and motivation; my fitness deteriorated and frustration forced me to seek help. I turned to Marius. to lead me back to health and fitness, fighting my flab. I thought I knew how to use a gym, however, Marius showed me new techniques and the correct positions for: exercises , breathing and stretching, educating me. The gym has now come back into my way of life thanks to the Marius’s skills. Thankyou Marius.